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December 2019 the Month of Life

December 1st, "Hope this doesn't spoil your Christmas!" with Jill Loving LUT


December 8th, "A Pig's Tale!" (A story by James Dillet Freeman), with Rev. Nancy McNatt


December 15th, "God is the Giver of Life, Which Has No End." with Rev. Sharon Casey


December 22nd, "The Light Has Come." with Rev. Sharon Casey


December 29th, "Burning Bowl Ceremony."




December Power: Life


Many people, in considering the 12 disciples and the powers they represent in life, would like to forget about Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus Christ. But Judas had a necessary role in the Messiah story, and the quality he represents—life—plays an important part in our development of the perfect-person idea.

Even though Judas committed suicide after he betrayed Jesus, he wasn't out of the picture completely. After the Resurrection, the other 11 disciples met and chose a successor to Judas to bring their number back to 12. So the faculty of life, operating on a higher plane, continues to work with the powers for the lifting up of the whole being.

… In developing our God-given potential, we cannot ignore Judas. We must learn to recognize his weaknesses and limitations and cope with them by lifting the life idea to a higher plane of consciousness.

… All people are expressing the life idea to a greater or lesser degree, but only those who are keeping this power under the direction of the Christ can enjoy the fullness of life that is their God-given potential. We are to experience life as an idea that not only enriches the soul, but also lifts the physical body into a perfect expression of the pattern God implanted in it from the beginning.



                                  ~Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann

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